Oral Histories

A whiteboard inviting oral histories / abortion stories is propped against metal fencing next to the lawn of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building. A protest in front of the Capitol is visible in the background.

Tone Madison is publishing oral histories related to abortion, miscarriage, birth control, and reproductive health from people in the Madison area. All stories are welcome. You don’t need a reason to have an abortion. You do not need to justify your choice. Your experience does not need to fit into any familiar or expected narratives. We recognize the power dynamics present when people share their personal stories with media outlets. By basing this project on an oral history model, we hope to provide a platform for people to share their stories in their own words, and the option to do so anonymously. We hope to publish stories that reflect the variety and complexities of people's individual experiences with abortion and reproductive health.

Oral Histories's Latest Articles

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