Bianca Gomez

Bianca (she/her) is a former special education teacher and recent graduate of UW-Madison's Afro-American Studies Masters program. Her research focused on alternatives to punitive disciplinary policies and practices that impact Black youth and youth of color. Her area of expertise includes Gender Justice and Youth Justice. Bianca provided domestic violence and sexual assault services to Black women, youth, and LGTBQ+ folx. She provided educational advocacy for Black students and families who are dealing with antiblackness in school. Bianca helped lead political education groups for young people including the Freedom Youth Squad, who were organizing against police in school, Black Girls Matter, where they talk about fighting against white supremacy and loving their bodies, and Books and Breakfast for younger kids, where they talk about body safety, activism and cultural pride. Bianca is unapologetically dedicated to Black liberation and believes in shifting power to the most impacted communities. Her dream is for all Black people to live free of violence. She looks to her ancestors for support and guidance as she engages in the struggle for freedom.

Bianca's Latest Articles

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