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Dr. Sami Schalk smiles at the camera while wearing lilac cat-eye glasses, silver triangle earrings, and a puffy tulle purple dress.

Pleasure Practices

A six-part email course featuring the best of Dr. Sami Schalk’s monthly Pleasure Practices column. Learn how to be attentive to your needs, care for your inner child, and lean into moments of unabashed “yes” so you can create a life that excites you.

You’ll read about food, onesies, and plants — and how we can practice pleasure as a means of emotional survival.


"Sizzlin' Madison Summers" in bubble font overlaid on a photograph of pavement.

Sizzlin’ Madison Summers

Eight summer stories from the most sun-scorched reaches of the Tone Madison archive.

Dig into the joyful connections and excruciating annoyances of Madison summers, and in between the beautiful tragedy of loving nature in a changing climate.

From pedal pubs to the local skate scene to the search for muskrats, we’ll take you on a journey through everything there is to love and hate under the Madison summer sun. 


"Post-Roe Family Planning in Madison" is written next to an illustration of an IUD sliced in three pieces.

Post-Roe Family Planning in Madison

The US Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, which overturned the abortion rights protections of Roe v. Wade prompted questions about what it could mean for potential parents: whether they should have children, how many, and how.

Madison Minutes and Tone Madison asked Madisonians how Dobbs has affected their family planning. This series of stories unpacks the potential long-term impact of a decision that touches on some of the most private and important decisions in people’s lives.


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