Video debut: Stephanie Rearick, “The Book”

The Madison songwriter embarks on a playful book-making project in the first video from her new album.


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Madison multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Stephanie Rearick recently released a new solo album, every thing everything, that combines a bunch of the styles and sounds Rearick has experimented with in her time as a solo artist. On the one hand the album returns to the elegant, theatrical, piano-driven pieces that have characterized a lot of Rearick’s solo work over the years (especially on “Make Believe”), but there are also detours into microtonal composition and the compact, Casio-centered songs Rearick has been writing under the name Stephanie Rearick Jr. “The Book” falls into the latter category, with Rearick looping together the chintzy but shimmering burbles and built-in drum sounds of a Casio and layering in trumpet and multiple vocal tracks in harmonies and rounds.

In Rearick’s new video for “The Book,” she takes us into her East Side home studio and puts together a full-fledged art-book project, complete with flipbook-like animation and a cherry smashed inside the pages. This year Rearick will also be touring more with her band Ladyscissors and heading out on a solo tour in the fall.

Watch the video below. Rearick’s next Madison show is September 11 at Mother Fool’s.

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