Sarah Barnfart and a new game (Season 1, Episode 6)

The Dropouts interview a mixed media artist and talk about some events happening around Madison.

Join Alex and Shaun as they discuss this past weekend’s record sale fundraiser (1:39) and tile-painting workshop (3:50) at Communication, kick off a rousing game in a killer new RSD segment (12:04), and start the #GetSarahBarnfartToDesignAnOfMontrealCover movement (27:51).

After the break, Shaun interviews Sarah Barnfart, a self-proclaimed art bitch mixed media (f)artist. Between giggles, they chat about the “erotic art” label (31:44), navigating Instagram’s community guidelines (39:52), discovering of Montreal (48:25), and loving Nick Drake, who would have turned 71 on June 19 (53:06).


Sarah Barnfart’s gifts to the world do not end at art. She was kind enough to create a playlist for this episode entitled “Thank Dog For Kevin Barnes: A Curated Intro To Of Montreal.” You can listen to this playlist and exclusive bonus questions with Sarah by becoming a patron here.

Listeners may learn about the Juneteenth Celebration activities going on in Madison by visiting the Kujichagulia Madison Center for Self-Determination. If you would like to volunteer with Communication (23:41), you may get more info here. This episode is dedicated to the Denver Broncos.

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