Podcast: The rise of Klack

Hear the audio version of our interview with the Madison electronic duo. (Photo: Eric Oehler, left, and Matt Fanale, right.)

Matt Fanale and Eric Oehler of the electronic duo Klack spoke with us earlier this year about the project’s nostalgic but refreshing approach to dance music, and the surprise success of its two EPs so far, 2017’s Do You Klack? and 2019’s Introducing The 1984 Renault LeCar. Since this interview was recorded, Klack has played a number of noteworthy gigs, including a set at the Cold Waves festival in Chicago and an opening set for Boy Harsher last week at Crucible here in Madison, and Oehler’s long-running band Null Device has released a new album, Line Of Sight. We’re bringing you the audio version of the interview this week.

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