Podcast short: Rachal Duggan on drawing, Madison, and drawing Madison

A sendoff for one of our favorite illustrators.

Rachal Duggan moved from Chicago to Madison in early 2017, and since then has quickly made a mark with her live-drawing offerings, a residency at the Madison Public Library’s Bubbler program, and editorial illustrations for local publications including Tone Madison, Our Lives, and Isthmus. We at Tone Madison can attest that Duggan has come to feel like an integral part of what we do here, thanks to her witty illustrations of everything from naked bikers to pedal pubs to fancy snails. She also channeled her Madison culture shock into the gif of unicyclists that accompanies this post.

Regardless of her local connections, Duggan has a distinctive voice as an artist and has figured out a bunch of resourceful ways to use it, including a series on her Instagram that delves into the painful, often humiliating experiences of menstruation.


Duggan is moving to Milwaukee soon, so we recently sat down to talk about her work and her experiences as an artist in Madison.

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