Podcast: Rodney Lambright II gets deeper into his characters’ heads

The artist and animator discusses his residency at the Madison Public Library’s Bubbler space.

Rodney Lambright II uses comics and animation to explore how people relate to each other, to society, and to themselves. He’s adept at looking at the world through the eyes and unfiltered expression of children, with a keen eye for the kinds of thoughts and experiences that kids have when adults aren’t looking. You might have seen a web comic he creates called The Beatniks, and he’s using some characters from that strip to create a new project called Unwanted Sympathy.

“I’m using The Beatniks as a grounding point for the characters but I want the experience to be so different from the comic that it almost just feels like an extra spinoff,” Lambright says. “I’m trying to go into the minds of these characters and kind of take it almost to a place of fantasy.”


Lambright is currently an artist-in-residence at the Madison Public Library’s Bubbler space. He’ll be there through February developing the Unwanted Sympathy project, ad holding workshops and open studio hours. He spoke recently with  contributor Phoebe Schlough.

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