Podcast: On James Adomian’s impressions

Adomian, visiting Madison on Feb. 2 with the Trump Vs. Bernie tour, has a history of brilliantly surreal impressions. | By Chris Lay, Scott Gordon

Photo by Luke Fontana via jamesadomian.com.


Photo by Luke Fontana via jamesadomian.com.

With comedians James Adomian and Anthony Atamanuik bringing their Trump Vs. Bernie debate tour to the Majestic on Tuesday, February 2, we wanted to take a look at the niche Adomian has earned as an impressionist. His floppy-wigged Bernie Sanders might be capitalizing on the political moment, but Adomian has always dug far deeper in choosing characters to play at live shows, in web videos, and on podcasts like Comedy Bang Bang and Sklarbro Country. In that spirit, we offer our appreciations of Adomian channeling everyone from talk-radio grotesque Tom Leykis to California public-access TV hero Huell Howser, and we dig into how Adomian has managed to do something refreshing within the oft-hacky realm of impressions.

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