Podcast: Highs and lows for outdoor music in Madison

From great electronic acts to predictable “brunch-rock,” a look at how outdoor shows in Madison are changing.


Detroit techno artist Stacey Pullen played a great DJ set at this year's Fete De Marquette electronic tent.

Detroit techno artist Stacey Pullen played a great DJ set at this year’s Fete De Marquette electronic tent.

Madisonians do not mess around when it comes to summer. Our city is wonderful in the summer, and we seize the opportunity in many forms—especially by loading up on outdoor music. This summer has brought us a lot of great outdoor shows, from electronic music at La Fete De Marquette to hip-hop at the Terrace. On the other hand, venues and organizers are also laying on a lot of outdoor shows that feel a bit same-y.

We try to suss out where all this is going on this week’s podcast. Music writer and Vinyl Me, Please senior editor Andrew Winistorfer (who also made everybody mad when he wrote for us this week about crashing the Isthmus poll), joined us to discuss the highs and lows. At first, we discussed the dreadful Taste of Madison and the fact that hip-hop legend DMC is playing there this year for the second time. (On a more dignified talk, he’s also giving a book talk this Friday at the Central Library.)

But it’s not all whining: Andrew likes some of the country booked for this year’s Taste, even though he’s grievously wrong about the merits of Taste itself. And this year has seen plenty of other good developments in outdoor music in Madison, even if it’s a mixed and somewhat overstuffed bag. Give our conversation a listen below.

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