Podcast: Diving into Wisconsin Film Festival 2016

Chris Lay walks us through some highlights of this year’s 158-film lineup. | By Chris Lay, Scott Gordon


Frank And The Wonder Cat.

Frank And The Wonder Cat.

Now that the Wisconsin Film Festival’s 2016 schedule is live, we’re starting to dig in and preview the highlights and, as we do every year, trying to make sense of a rather overwhelming slate of options. Tone Madison contributor Chris Lay wrote about some initial highlights this week, and he joins us on this week’s podcast to talk in more detail about some of his selections, from the VHS-tastic documentary Frank And The Wonder Cat to famed documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles’ final work, In Transit. We also talk a bit more generally about how to get the most out of the festival, which takes place April 14 through 21.

Chris will be bringing you more coverage of specific films and thematic strands in the festival lineup over the next few weeks.

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