Podcast: Dash Hounds delve into the gloom

A conversation about, and a track stream from, the Madison band’s forthcoming debut EP.


Brendan Manley (left) and Alivia Kleinfeldt of Dash Hounds. Photo by J. Scott Kunkel.

Brendan Manley (left) and Alivia Kleinfeldt of Dash Hounds. Photo by J. Scott Kunkel.

Madison musicians Alivia Kleinfeldt and Brendan Manley (formerly of Modern Mod) formed Dash Hounds barely a year ago, but their forthcoming debut EP, Eft, suggests they’ve already locked confidently into a downcast and restlessly melodic take on guitar-pop. They’ll be celebrating the EP’s release with an August 27 show at the High Noon Saloon.

The opening track, “Dreamboy,” which we’re streaming exclusively here, captures the gentle but intricate guitar parts Kleinfeldt and Manley have been writing together, and the handsome, baritone-ish vocal melodies that Kleinfeldt lays down across the EP.

The two also joined me this week for the Tone Madison podcast. We talked extensively about how their songwriting partnership evolved as they recorded one of the best releases by a Madison band so far this year. Give our conversation a listen here.

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