Podcast: Catching up on Madison’s public funding for music

An audio preview of a couple stories we’re writing about the Madison Music City program.

An audio preview of a couple stories we’re writing about the Madison Music City program.

This month brings two music events that are supported with public funds from the City of Madison. The first, coming up June 15 through 18, is the inaugural Between The Waves music conference and festival (previously announced under the name Madison Songwriter Conference and Festival), and the second is the annual Make Music Madison event on June 21. Each event was granted $25,000 in the city of Madison’s 2017 budget. Another city music project, the Madison Public Library’s Yahara Music Library project, recently lost out on a chance at some new funding, but will keep going, if not quite growing at the moment. So it’s a good time to check in on how the city’s efforts to fund music, generally gathered under the loosely defined “Madison Music City” program, are turning out.

To discuss all that and a couple of stories coming up about it on Tone Madison, I’ve asked my friend Dylan Brogan to join me. He’s a reporter at Isthmus and has spent many years covering local government. We talked about how the city pays for these programs, how officials have gone about deciding what music initiatives to fund, and what impacts the programs have. Give it a listen here or subscribe to the Tone Madison podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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