A British Madison musician tweets the UK election, and a show

“This is the second to last Jonesies gig, will it also be May’s second to last day as PM?”


Over the course of Thursday night and Friday morning, observers around the world struggled to make sense of an historic election in the United Kingdom, and we Americans kept trying to wrap our heads around the ins and outs of parliamentary systems, many for the first time. Luckily, the Madison music community has its very own British person, Ross Adam, who currently plays guitar in indie-pop outfit Exploration Team.  

While watching his friends in fellow Madison outfit Jonesies play their second-to-last live set ever on Thursday night at Wiliamson Magnetic Recording Company, Adam used Twitter to track the show and the British vote concurrently. He occasionally used the hashtag #jonesiesandthecoalitionofchaos, which was a nice touch. Adam offered some keen political insights while drawing connections between electoral dynamics and Jonesies’ lyrics (namely from the songs “Peter” and “Pop Badge”) and amp choices.

Anyways, what exactly happened? “Basically it’s a hung parliament, but the Tories will form a government with the DUP…who are the far-right Northern Ireland party with links to terrorists,” Adam explained Friday. “Basically, they are still in power but will struggle to get anything through with such a small majority. Also, get ready for immense Tory infighting.”

“Hopefully now the centre wing of the Labour Party will unite behind Corbyn,” he added.

 You can presumably ask Adam more about this when Exploration Team plays Sunday at the High Noon Saloon. I’m going to go unwind with some Peter Capaldi supercuts.

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