Podcast: Catching up with Dos Malés

We talk with one-half of the Madison metal duo ahead of their June 18 show at The Frequency.

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Dos Malés are Michael Makela (left) and Nick Zumm. Photo by Dylan Remis.

Dos Malés are Michael Makela (left) and Nick Zumm. Photo by Dylan Remis.

Dos Malés‘ self-titled debut EP, released back in January, spans five tracks of austere doom with strangely melodic vocals and filthy but pleasingly dense low-end. Guitarist Michael Makela, of Madison sludge institution Bongzilla, and Nick Zumm (better known as Nick Stix), of defunct thrash-metal standouts Panther and hardcore band Pyroklast, formed the duo in 2014, as Panther was winding down and before Bongzilla got back together for a recent tour.

Apparently they’re really into the two-piece thing now, because they are organizing and playing at Double Fist Fest, a night featuring only heavy duos, on June 18 at The Frequency. On this week’s podcast, Zumm sat down with me to talk about the formation of the band, the challenges of creating a full sound with a two-piece lineup, and the transition from drumming in fast-paced, thrash-influenced bands to playing at the plodding, ominous tempos of doom. Give our conversation a listen below. Makela wasn’t able to join us for this podcast, but he did speak with Mike Noto in February for an extensive Q&A about the Bongzilla reunion.

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