NBC15 eviscerates appetites during Brat Fest broadcast

Unfasten the GoPro from the brat, Charlie.


“Charlie you creep”

Tradition dictates that each year, on the Friday morning before Memorial Day weekend, the NBC15 Morning Show team will descend upon World’s Largest Brat Fest and broadcast the bejeezus out of Take Your Brat to Work Day. Apparently it’s for charity. Well, OK.

But this year, in its race to embrace Facebook Live video, NBC15 failed to consider if it was wise to broadcast a close-up of weatherman Charlie Shortino taking a big, messy bite out of a brat. Presumably using a GoPro, the news team captured an awfully intimate shot of Shortino smattering mustard onto a bratwurst, chomping off a big ol’ bite, and then chewing with his mouth open. Watch it for yourself, or just let these succinct Facebook comments convey the imagery:

“that is gross no one wants that much of a close up..and dude you have lots of hairs in your nose lol”


“Charlie you creep”

There you have it. Despite the nauseating video, Brat Fest still managed to sell 21,734 bratwursts in a span of three hours this morning. We’re hoping 21,733 of them were eaten with something approaching human dignity.

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