Embracing grief with Mariee Sioux (Season 1, Episode 7)

Content warning: Suicide mention, mental health, slavery, genocide 

It’s Cancer Season and the Dropouts are all up in their feelings. Alex and Shaun review Mariee Sioux’s latest tearjerker, Grief In Exile, and take a deep dive into their favorite sob-worthy albums (6:26), share lessons they’ve learned about personal and historical grief, and lighten the mood with a game of Astrology Vespucci (25:52). 

After the break, Shaun talks with Mariee Sioux about the cover details of Grief In Exile (33:35) and a few videos from the album (37:47) before sharing a listener question (43:26). They also discuss Mariee’s experience at Standing Rock and her activism with the Nisenan tribe (49:11) before discussing collective grieving (55:33) and the use of crying in healing (60:13). 


John McCracken’s Microtones piece, Business-Brain Nightmares, can be found here

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