Brat Fest 2015 is already hilarious and right-wing

Charlie Daniels and Staind frontman Aaron Lewis are slated to play the Memorial Day Weekend event.


Charlie Daniels Band.

Charlie Daniels Band.

It’ll be a great time to hoist a brat, a beer, and perhaps a Gadsden flag or two.

World’s Largest Brat Fest, apparently not daunted by its previous brushes with political and religious controversy, announced on Monday that the Charlie Daniels Band will play the annual festival on May 23. Then on Wednesday, it trotted out another big get in Aaron Lewis, frontman of the execrable Staind and more recently a country-styled solo artist, who will play the event on May 25.

Daniels, the legendary fiddle-ripper, is also a veteran of the Sean Hannity Freedom Concert (do not watch this video of him doing “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” with Hannity, you will die a thousand deaths) and author of 2012’s “An Open Letter To Barack Hussein Obama.” Over on the official Charlie Daniels blog, you can read his thoughts on such issues as Senator Dianne Feinstein (“She has singlehandedly hog tied the CIA”) and “shadow-government” conspiracy theories (“…the whole enchilada is a little too much for me to swallow…”), and as a game, you can keep your eyes open for humorous references to gonads. Dude is witty in his way, I guess.

Lewis has polished up his own set of conservative credentials, voicing support for Rick Santorum and Ron Paul in a 2011 interview and noting that he “never needed government to hold my hand” in his song “Country Boy.” (Do not listen to “Country Boy” by Aaron Lewis, you will die a thousand deaths.) Speaking of,there’s a country version of said song that features Daniels AND the late, great, way-too-vocally-talented-to-be-near-the-frontman-of-Staind George Jones. Oh god no George Jones! Perhaps that lawnmower DUI put him in the hole financially.

Anyways, I’m not yet expecting a repeat of last year’s controversy: That had to do with highly questionable pro-life activists, and this is more on the “low-level paranoid ramblings about Obama and Big Government” tip. But these are just the early announcements, so I have high hopes for how ridiculous things could get.

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