Abortion resources and protest info for Madisonians

Where to go for help, where to donate, where the protests are.
A photo shows a crowd of protestors during a May 3, 2022 rally for abortion rights on Library Mall in Madison. Handmade protest signs are visible in the foreground, including one that reads “MY BODY MY CHOICE.” In the background, it is twilight and several campus buildings are visible.
Protestors on Library Mall during a May 3, 2022 rally for abortion rights. Photo by Emily Mills.

Where to go for help, where to donate, where the protests are.

We’ll be listing resources here for people seeking abortions, people wanting to help support abortion access, and people wanting to attend local protests. This will be updated as we gather more resources and info. If there’s something you’d like us to know about, reach us at editor@tonemadison.com


Friday at 5 p.m., State Street side of the Capitol: March to Defend Abortion 

Across The Frontlines: Protest safety, including tips on dealing with tear gas

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Surveillance self-defense at protests

Free the 350 Bail Fund 

Donating to abortion funds

In Wisconsin: Women’s Medical Fund, Options Fund (@options-fund on Venmo)

In Minnesota: Ourjustice

Chicago Abortion Fund

Nationally: abortionfunds.org, Keep Our Clinics, Dr. Tiller Patient Assistant Fund, Practical Support Organizations Guide, Roe v. Wade: What You Can Do

Getting care

Illinois-side resources, from Chicago Reader

Medication abortion by mail: AidAccess.org 

More medication abortion resources: plancpills.org, shareabortionpill.info

POWERS (this link includes Wisconsin and Illinois Information) 


Abortion On Our Own Terms

Miscarriage + Abortion Hotline

Wisconsin Abortion Support Network

International Consortium for Emergency Contraception

Repro Legal HelplineWisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health: Avoiding fake abortion clinics, aka “crisis pregnancy centers”

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