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Join our spring 2020 fundraising appeal.

Join our spring 2020 fundraising appeal.

Since 2014, Tone Madison has been publishing thoughtful, opinionated coverage of arts, culture, and politics in Madison. Now that the landscape of local music and events has changed, Tone Madison hasn’t skipped a beat. We have joined local, like-minded organizations and individuals in conversation through Conduit, a video-conference series that keeps you in the loop. Our frequently updated listing of who’s streaming in Madison and our guide to arts resources are helping artists and audiences alike stay connected. 

We’re also working harder than ever to cover pressing social and political issues affecting our community. From Charter’s barriers to internet access in a digital world to online organizing happening in Cross PlainsTone Madison is dedicated to offering a deeper look at how COVID-19 is changing our lives. Our reporting on strained essential employeescommunity solidarity, and uncelebrated MFA exhibitions are just a few examples of how Tone Madison’s journalism is adapting to our uncertain new reality.

As a local, independent news outlet, we’ve had to struggle to keep publishing during the pandemic. Local events and business sponsorship revenue have completely shuttered. While Tone Madison has never made a large amount from its Tone Madison Presents events showcase, that revenue is now gone. As we continue to learn what it means to be a website that focuses heavily on arts and music in a world with fewer and fewer public opportunities for arts and music, we need your help.

Readers who donate through our Tone Madison Sustainer program provide the biggest source  of funding for Tone Madison. On average, a single donor provides $5 to Tone Madison each month. Most of the revenue Tone Madison brings in goes toward paying our contributors for the writing, illustration, and other work they do as part of our coverage of music and culture in Madison. We believe journalists and artists should be paid for their work, especially now. When you donate, you’re helping that happen. Become a Tone Madison Sustainer today to support a truly vital and independent resource, and be a part of the ever more important relationship between journalists and their communities. 

Become a Sustainer at one of these tantalizing levels!

Cool Building Level: $5 a month

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Hey, Madison Sure Is Changing A Lot Level: $15 a month 

Tone Madison Reply Guy Level: $25 a month 

We know that now is a hard time to be reaching into your pockets, with the state at an economic standstill and an uncertain future. In the face of this crisis, news outlets are being gutted left and right, and we need your support to survive. 

If you can’t support Tone Madison financially, please consider subscribing to our weekly newsletter, rating our podcast on wherever you listen to podcasts, or sharing this with your friends and family. We greatly appreciate your time and support. We will get through this together.

P.S. Thanks to our partnership with Communication, as of 2019, your donation is now tax-deductible. Give today

If you have questions about becoming a Tone Madison Sustainer or would like to talk about sponsoring Tone Madison through a small business or other organization, please reach publisher Scott Gordon at

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