Stream live oddities from Lens and Julian Lynch + Brian Grimm

A couple of recent SoundCloud surprises from Madison experimental musicians.




While early 2016 has kept us busy with new albums and EPs from Madison artists, let’s not neglect the one-offs and oddities that dribble out on SoundCloud and whatnot between proper releases. (Says a guy who is terrible about that.) A couple recent ones in particular have stood out, and they’re both live recordings from experimental musicians.

Dan Woodman, half of drone duo Drunjus, performed at the High Noon Saloon last month under his solo moniker Lens. Woodman’s set unpacked his fascination with dub through a disorienting, tangential soundscapes, using sub-bass throbs and scratchy pockets of air that sounded massive on a proper sound system. The percussion that kicks in around the eight-minute mark both expanded the sonic space and pinned it all together, and it was thrilling. Woodman recently posted a pretty solid off-the-board recording of the full set.

WSUM’s Friday-afternoon Live At WSUM show recently had psych-pop hybridizer Julian Lynch and multi-instrumentalist Brian Grimm in for a last-minute improvised set. “Last-minute” as in Lynch recruited Grimm to join him on his way out the door to the studio. It features Lynch on guitar and synth and Grimm on cello and a bulky Chinese zither called a guzheng. I’ve heard both of these guys in lots of solo and collaborative configurations over the years, but was still surprised by this half hour of careening serenity. (Live At WSUM also recently hosted Madison drone duo Mid Waste, who are playing our GateSound series on March 31.) Grimm can be seen playing in Brennan Connors & Stray Passage this Thursday at the Mason Lounge and in Lovely Socialite on March 26 at The Frequency.

Other stray listens of late: Rapper/singer Ra’Shaun’s effusive “See You Callin’,” posted as he readies a new EP, and playfully spaced-out producer Ming Kurray’s new self-titled release.

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