Razorcake’s compilation of Madison rock bands is pretty good

Vanishing Kids, No Hoax, and In The Rushes are among the bands on the 20-track comp.


Sometimes when an outside organization or commentator parachutes into Madison (or whatever the Internet equivalent of parachuting-in is) and tries to sum up our local music offerings, their findings can be a questionable hodge-podge of sloppy data and the names of bands that don’t even live here anymore. Not so for Tear A Cognita #08: Madison, Wisconsin, a free compilation that long-running punk publication Razorcake dropped this week.

Given Razorcake‘s focus, the 20-track comp is all rock bands. But at least it’s a diverse cross-section of what people are doing in the genre in town, from the scorched country-punk of Wood Chickens to the gloomy goth-rock of Vanishing Kids. A few tracks are pretty surprising: There’s an unreleased song from In The Rushes (a new-ish band formed by Connie Ward, formerly of Building On Buildings), and a 36-second track from grindcore miscreants Mellow Harsher.

Other highlights include No Hoax’s “Hyena,” Cribshitter’s epic gutting of “Cocaine,” and The Central’s “Name To Impress.” The liner notes on Bandcamp even include a few handy booking emails for out-of-town bands. Good job on that homework, Razorcake.

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