Podcast: Tubal Cain’s bare-bones black metal

The Madison duo play an April 14 show at Mickey’s Tavern.

The Madison duo play an April 14 show at Mickey’s Tavern.

Madison duo Tubal Cain formed from the remains of a much-missed local metal band, The Antiprism. While their former band had a healthy tendency to mix in elements of prog-rock and stately Maiden-like melodies, drummer/vocalist Kristine Drake and guitarist/vocalist Alex Drake take a more stripped down approach in Tubal Cain, drawing on their love of old-school black metal, especially Darkthrone.

The Drakes have a great vocal chemistry, between Alex’s deep growl and Kristine’s paint-peeling rasp. Tubal Cain’s first album, Black Eden, was unceremoniously released last summer on cassette, and the duo say they probably won’t put it online, though they do have a few demos on Bandcamp. They still write solid riffs, as captured on Black Eden‘s swaggering title track and the doom-y chug of “Dreamquest.” The production of the eight-song album captures the gratifying, murky aggression of the band’s live sets.

Tubal Cain will be playing an April 14 show at Mickey’s Tavern with gothic-country duo Those Poor Bastards. Ahead of that, they joined me for a conversation about their music. Give it a listen below.

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