Podcast: Thomas Wincek and Samarah

Our discussion with two of Wisconsin’s standout electronic musicians, recorded live at the High Noon Saloon.


From left to right: Scott Gordon, Sarah Krug, and Thomas Wincek. Photo by Chris Lay.

From left to right: Scott Gordon, Sarah Krug, and Thomas Wincek. Photo by Chris Lay.

This past Wednesday at our Tone Cluster event at the High Noon Saloon, we presented live sets from Thomas Wincek (of All Tiny Creatures and Volcano Choir) and Sarah Krug, aka Samarah (a longtime producer who currently lives in Fond du Lac but spent many years playing and booking shows in Madison). Before they played, Wincek and Krug joined me and our live audience for a discussion about where their music has been headed over the past few years. Highlights of the conversation included how both guests feel the music landscape has changed in the years they’ve been playing, their distinctive uses of vocals in the electronic context, and a breakdown of their live setups, especially Wincek’s use of the Zip Disk. Give it a listen here.

The next edition of The Tone Cluster is on February 24 at the High Noon. Details announced soon!

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