Podcast short: At capacity

A quick discussion of the recent issues at Art In, and electronic artist Sage Caswell’s new album. (Photo: Madison band Cool Building playing in January at Art In.)

We’re changing up the Tone Madison podcast feed, bringing you short episodes every other week between our usual, longer episodes. On this short, Tone Madison editor Scott Gordon and contributor/producer Shaun Soman discuss the confusion over Art In’s capacity limits and the upcoming album from producer/DJ Sage Caswell, who spins Saturday, February 16 at Robinia Courtyard. The album is called Evil Twin, and you’ll hear a bit of the first single, “Walter Reed HD,” at the beginning and end of the episode. Caswell will also be featured on an upcoming episode of Digital Warmth, a podcast miniseries we’re hosting at Tone Madison.

You can also hear these shorts on the Thursday edition of the WORT Local News show. We’re still experimenting a bit with the short format, so if you’ve got thoughts on what you’d like to hear on these episodes, please reach out to [email protected]. And hey, help us keep making these by supporting our February fundraising drive.  


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