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Podcast: Lots of thumbs-up with Christian Dior

From the archives, our 2015 conversation with the volatile Madison band.


Mike Pellino (left) and Spencer Bible in 2015. Photo by Scott Gordon.

Mike Pellino (left) and Spencer Bible in 2015. Photo by Scott Gordon.

This week on the Tone Madison podcast, we’re going to bring you a conversation from our audio archives. Madison band Christian Dior consists of Mike Pellino on drums and vocals and Spencer Bible on guitar and vocals, and both members spoke with us in May of 2015. At the time, they had just released an EP that really consisted of two EPs, Patriot Glass and Dioria, with Pellino and Bible producing one half each.

These days Christian Dior is not the central focus for either member. Pellino and Bible both play in a rock band called Tippy, and Bible also performs solo under that name. Pellino plays lead guitar in another very good Madison band, Miyha, and Bible plays in the experimental trio Sleep Now Forever.

Christian Dior still plays the occasional show, and the next one is February 24 at Art In. “We’re going to move into a more noise-metal vibe, lose some of the older material and focus more on getting weird and heavy,” Bible told me recently. “Mike has really been pushing his atmospheric chops lately and I would like to move towards more long-form doomy stuff.”

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