Nerd Nite Madison Podcast: Of ants and parasites

Ben Taylor delves into the fascinating world of creatures that depend on ants.


Photo via the U.S. Geological Survey.

Photo via the U.S. Geological Survey.

Nerd Nite Madison is back at the High Noon Saloon this Wednesday, March 23, right after our live podcast, The Tone Cluster. We partner with Nerd Nite Madison to present these events, and to create this audio series of their talks.

If you’ve been to a Nerd Nite Madison event in the past few years, you’ve witnessed the tautly controlled silliness of host and organizer Ben Taylor. Ben also knows a ton about insects, and sometimes shares that in short little digressions as the night gets going (and I’ve been wanting to make a supercut of his stage banter), but in a talk recorded in August 2015, he gave us a full-fledged look at the many different kinds of parasites that take advantage of ants. While he’s at it, he gives us a window into the sophisticated variety of ant life—oh, and frequently refers back to the somehow-renewed-for-multiple-seasons 1980s sitcom ALF to reinforce his points. Give the talk a listen below.

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