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In Microtones, our newsletter-first column.

In Microtones, our newsletter-first column.

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Local jingles come in many forms. Where the Jim’s Coins in Hilldale song is a delicate, if slightly ramshackle little ditty, the Chalmers Jewelers jingle is a crystalline blast charging forth from car stereo speakers like a mighty Valkyrie.

With what sounds like one thousand voices, men and women together boldly sing out “CHALMERS JEWELERS…IN MIDDLETON” and stick their song into your brain for hours, maybe days.

Like many other local jingles of legend, the Chalmers Jewelers song’s origins have been lost to time. Mike Miller, marketing director for Chalmers Jewelers, told me this week that no one remembers anything because the song was created 25 years ago. He asked the owner and even he didn’t know.

“We just know we have the master recording,” Miller says.

Chalmers has been in Middleton since 1992—last year it added a second location in Madison—so it seems customers have not had a hard time finding and patronizing the shop. But in my interpretation of the song, I can’t help but hear “Milton” instead of “Middleton,” and wonder if any listeners ever get confused. Somehow, the vocalists manage the trick of turning “Middleton” into a two-syllable word.

It’s not like an accidental trip to Milton, Wisconsin would be the worst outcome. The small city is situated right outside the jewel of Rock County (Janesville!) and it’s home to the NorthLeaf Winery, which is racking up some decent Google reviews.

But it seems like I might be the only one who’s hearing “Milton” in the song.

“We haven’t had any confusion,” Miller said. “Now that you say it, I’ll try to listen for that.”

“Platinum Kill,” developed by Madison-based Fun Infused Games.

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