Join us for Conduit, a new livestreamed series on culture in Madison

The planned weekly series from Tone Madison, UnderBelly, and Communication kicks off Thursday, March 19 at 6:30 p.m.

We’re all being plunged into our own isolated little worlds during the COVID-19 epidemic. That makes the art and music communities in Madison feel even more fragmented, on top of all the other challenges they’re facing right now. Because it’s important to have face-to-face discussion in at least some form and we all kind of live on Zoom now apparently, we’re partnering with Communication and UnderBelly to launch a new series called Conduit. It’s a live-streamed weekly event keeps people talking about arts, culture, and community in Madison. Join us for interviews and panels while you’re social-distancing, and learn about how creative people in Madison can support each other during the pandemic and well into the future.

The first edition will be an open session with your co-hosts: UnderBelly’s Olivia Wisden, Communication’s Jennifer Bastian, and me. In the future, we’ll be bringing in guests and putting together discussions around specific topics. Next week, on March 26, we’re having City of Madison Arts Administrator Karin Wolf on to talk. The first edition will be an open Zoom meeting, and the link to join will be posted in the Facebook event. In the future, we’ll be asking for a $1 donation to join, in order to support participating artists and local arts organizations. If you have ideas for guests or topics you’d like to see on Conduit, let me know or just join the conversation this Thursday.

A sponsor display for The Sessions at McPike Park.

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