Ilana Bryne on blending styles and navigating the politics of electronic music (video)

The Madison-based producer and DJ spoke with us for the 2020 Social Justice Center Jubilee.

During the 2020 Social Justice Center Jubilee livestream at the end of June, we presented a few pre-recorded interviews about music, media, and politics in Madison, and we’ll be revisiting them here over the next couple of weeks. The first is with Madison-based producer and DJ Ilana Bryne, who released her debut EP, Low Earth Orbit, in 2019.

So far in 2020, Bryne has released two more EPs. Eye Bee Volume 1 is the first release from Bryne’s own Shebco Sounds label, playfully named in honor of her hometown of Sheboygan. Strange Adventure is her second release for the Portuguese label Naive. The two releases offer very different perspectives on house music—one more functional and bare-bones, the other more layered and willing to blur stylistic boundaries.


As you know if you follow Bryne on Twitter, she’s got a deep grasp of the history of electronic music and a wicked sense of humor. Bryne and I talked about what she’s trying to accomplish in her new releases, but also got into the racial politics that surround electronic music. Watch it here:

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