Guest mix: Beau Devereaux’s “Sifting Thru Gifts” mix

The Samantha Glass mastermind takes us down a hip-hop rabbit hole.


Art by Beau Devereaux.

Art by Beau Devereaux.

Madison musician Beau Devereaux has enriched Wisconsin’s electronic and avant-garde offerings on several fronts. He’s best known for his solo project Samantha Glass, which evolves into yet another phase of melodic and eerily spacious experimentation on the new album Preparation For A Spot In The World, due out in May. His other musical endeavors include the harsher, more industrial-leaning Roan Linden project, the collaboration Dorval & Devereaux, and running a cassette label, Golden Cloud Tapes. Oh, and he’s gunning hard for that Klarbrunn endorsement.

For our guest mix series, though, Devereaux decided to indulge his affinity for hip-hop, and sent us this hour-long excursion that runs the gamut from Lil Yachty’s giddy “1 Night” to a stark Memphis one-two punch from La Chat and Gangsta Boo. He didn’t have a lot of comment on what inspired the mix, saying he’d rather just let the mix speak for itself, but he did create original art to go with it (above). Give it a listen below. Samantha Glass’ next show is May 24 at The Frequency, opening for Future Punx and Spray Paint.

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