Good Madison events announced this week: OHMME, etc.

A few fresh events worth adding to your calendar.

Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society Chamber Music Festival: Riches to Rags. June 10-26, 2022. Madison and Stoughton. bachdancing.org or 608-255-9866. The image links to the ticket sales page on the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society's website. The image also shows an illustration of a house, with various musicians and their instruments visible through its windows.



We’ve always got our eyes peeled for shows being announced in Madison. Here’s what stands out from the past week’s newly added events. Keep up with more events, thoughtfully previewed by our writers, in our Calendar section.

OHMME. Sept. 13, Art In. The Chicago duo of Macie Stewart and Sima Cunningham blends intricately arranged vocal parts, stripped-down rock guitar figures, and a streak of avant-garde instrumentation into bright, wiry, and unsettling songs. The two boast a wide range of collaborators in Chicago’s jazz and rock scenes.

Sid Boyum House Pop-Up Museum. Sept. 23 through 24, Sid Boyum House (237 Waubesa St.) Volunteers have been working for the past two years to preserve the works of Madison-based sculptor and eccentric Sid Boyum, who died in 1991. A big part of that has been rehabbing the east side house that has sat, abandoned, since Boyum’s death, a house that also happens to have a bunch of unwieldy concrete sculptures embedded in its backyard. Across the two-day event, the Friends of Sid Boyum group will offer guided tours of the house and sculptures, along with a gift shop, food, and beverages.

Tony Malaby, Anthony Cox, JT Bates. Oct. 5, North Street Cabaret.Tenor saxophonist Tony Malaby joins bassist Anthony Cox and drummer JT Bates in a trio performance that should be another exciting moment in an effort across many venues to bring a broader variety of jazz to Madison.

GateSound: Tom Rainey + Devin Drobka. Oct. 26, Gates of Heaven. This one is part of Tone Madison’s own event series. Prolific jazz drummer Tom Rainey will join Milwaukee drummer Devin Drobka (Hanging Hearts, Lesser Lakes Trio, Milo, and many other projects) in a duo performance. Two sets, and it’s at the historic Gates of Heaven in James Madison Park. Presale available now, discount for our Patreon donors.

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