Good Madison events announced this week: Milo, Fire Heads

A couple fresh events worth adding to your calendar.




We’ve always got our eyes peeled for shows being announced in Madison. Here’s what stands out from the past week’s newly added events. Keep up with more events, thoughtfully previewed by our writers, in our Calendar section.

Fire Heads, Vanishing Kids, Calliope, Dharma Dogs. Nov. 18, Crystal Corner BarThis show celebrates a couple of releases from Madison bands. One is the self-titled sophomore album from garage-punk outfit Fire Heads (formerly known as Fire Retarded). The other is a new collection of unreleased recordings from lovably blasted-out grunge/hardcore outfit Dharma Dogs, Music For The Terminally Besotted. Dharma Dogs hasn’t been active much the last few years—guitarist/vocalist Chris Joutras currently plays in bands including Coordinated Suicides and The Momotaros, and drummer/vocalist Nate Karls plays in The Momotaros and has been pursuing solo work—and this reunion set will apparently be their last show ever. When Dharma Dogs played out regularly, their scuzzy, soulful performances made them one of my favorite live bands in town, so I wouldn’t recommend missing this.

Milo, Scallops Hotel. Dec. 6, High Noon Saloon. This will be rapper and former Milwaukeean Milo’s first show in Madison since releasing the well-received new album who told you to thin??!!?!?!?! Milo has been crafting challenging and intensely personal hip-hop for years, so it’s not surprising that the new record is solid, but somehow it clarifies and crystallizes the things that have made his work stand out so far. His alter ego Scallops Hotel is also on the bill, and we can likely expect a collaborative, format-breaking performance involving members of his Ruby Yacht crew.

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