Enter the isolated modular mists with this Noxroy livestream

Nearly an hour of contemplative sounds and projections from Madison’s Andrew Fitzpatrick.

We’re still trying to get a handle on livestreams from musicians and other performers and artists around the Madison area. Folks are sharing info and resources in a Madison livestreaming Facebook group, and anyone with a streamed performance coming up can email us. We’ll be working to get that information out there in some more comprehensive form, in lieu of previewing a bunch of now-canceled live events.

For now, we’ve got the full video of a performance Madison-based experimental musician Andrew Fitzpatrcik, aka Noxroy, livestreamed on his Instagram on Sunday night. It was sort of a make-up for a canceled Saturday show at Communication with Chicago’s Forest Management and Madison’s Woodman/Earhart. Noxroy and Forest Management put out a split release, Linx, in December


Fitzpatrick says there may be more livestreams coming from his Instagram, but he was also kind enough to share the video file for us to repost here. It’s 53 minutes of Noxroy’s signature mix of delicately detailed modular synth and heavily treated electric guitar, with some colorful projections. I know it eased my case of shut-in stir-crazy and hope it does the same for you. Be safe.

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