Cool Building Day returns to its Sunday roots

Celebrating the sixth anniversary of Dave Mustaine’s very observant tweet about the Wisconsin State Capitol. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons.)

We may have missed Dave Mustaine’s Megacruise, but we were not about to miss our annual observance of Cool Building Day. It feels a bit churlish this year to try to observe our annual tradition of dunking on Mustaine, in part because he was diagnosed with throat cancer earlier this year. (He has reportedly undergone a full course of treatment and is optimistic about making a full recovery.) Still, on every November 24 it is every Madisonian’s duty to honor the oblivious purity of a tweet Mustaine sent from his hotel room before a show at the Orpheum:

This year is the first since 2013 that November 24 has fallen on a Sunday. That makes this Cool Building Day feel a bit special, a little bit closer to the circumstances and pre-Sunday-show energy that accompanied Mustaine’s delight at seeing a domed structure that is so clearly a seat of government, unless you were brought up thinking that abominations like the Nebraska or Florida state capitols are normal. 


Sunday is also a day of reflection and repast for many folks, and it’s OK to mark the occasion in a subdued manner. Maybe for Cool Building Day 2020 (on a Tuesday!) we can book a Capitol-view suite at the Madison Concourse Hotel and remark upon that nifty edifice over a frosty chalice of A Tout Le Monde.

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