A powerful moment at the Capitol during the George Floyd protests

Protestors gathered on Tuesday night to continue demanding justice as a storm moved into Madison.

Late on Tuesday night, a heavy storm fell on Madison. The weather’s fury was in tune with demonstrations taking place on the front steps of the state’s Capitol. Spurred by the police killing of George Floyd, a group of protesters gathered to make their voices heard. This video captures a sliver of the speeches that were delivered that night, as the storm hit its apex. We’re still organizing a lot of photos and footage we’ve collected during the ongoing protests, but wanted to bring you a short clip of this powerful moment in the rain.

Tuesday was the fourth consecutive day of protests calling for justice for Floyd and other black people police have murdered. One of the main organizations leading the protests, Freedom Inc., articulated some of the broader demands of the movement protest in a May 31 statement: “defund the police, reparations for all Black people, release all incarcerated Black people from jail, get cops out of schools, and community control over the police.” 


Madison police, with help from the National Guard and other local police agencies, have responded to the protests with brutal violence, as have police around the country

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