Podcast: Ambient space music

Producer and podcaster Jordan Cohen joins us for a conversation recorded at the Corral Room in May.

The musician and producer behind Madison based electronic project Chants, Jordan Cohen, is also the host of Digital Warmth, an electronic music podcast that lives here at Tone Madison. Cohen spoke with Tone Madison‘s Scott Gordon on May 30 during a live event at the Corral Room in downtown Madison, and we bring you that conversation on this week’s episode. We talked both about the podcast—which recently kicked off its second season—and the first Chants album in four years, Seven Spheres, which is due out in August and builds on the abrasive, club-oriented approach Cohen has been developing over the course of his last three EPs.

After the interview, Jordan also stuck around to spin an ambient DJ set. We’re going to be sharing the DJ mix first with our Tone Madison Sustainers soon, and you can become one any time if you want to help us put on more events like this and support our coverage of music and culture in Madison.


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