Schadenfreude redux

In Microtones, our newsletter-first column.

In Microtones, our newsletter-first column. 

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MICROTONES by Scott Gordon, editor-in-chief and publisher

Wisconsin voters may have thrown a wrench into Scott Walker’s political career this week, but chances are he’s not going anywhere. He’s a creature of politics and of the public sphere. And as he clearly signaled on Wednesday morning with a pre-concession Tweet consisting of a Biblical quote, his social media presence isn’t going anywhere either. Not the polished political narratives, not the nightmarishly bland food, and good lord I hope I’m wrong but also probably not the Bitmojis. Good lord, the Bitmojis.

Tone Madison‘s intrepid associate publisher, Chris Lay, wrote about Walker’s weirdly off-base Bitmoji use last fall and offered a slew of new ones for Walker, complete with a much more accurate low-rent-cartoon rendition of our now lame-duck gov. But Chris didn’t stop there, and creating Scott Walker Bitmojis became something of a compulsion for him. We’re all a bit bleary-eyed processing this week’s election news and the plans Republicans in the state legislature are already brewing up new ways to fuck us over. So, courtesy of Chris, here’s a new batch of silly-ass Bitmojis to help you send Scott Walker on his way.

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New this week:

New this week:

Henry Solo takes a ride to Kenosha with Brahmulus, a new Wisconsin R&B duo. 

John McCracken reports on the closing of longtime punk and metal store Ear Wax Records.

The foodiedaddy6 Instagram account has some very specific gripes about Madison’s restaurant scene.

On the podcast, three Tone Madison writers discuss the 25-year legacy of Low.

Get ready for lame-duck shenanigans before Tony Evers takes office.

Elsewhere on the Madison internet: Julian Lynch announces a new solo album, Rat’s Spit. A bunch of local bands will play a benefit for Planned Parenthood on December 22 at Art In. Madison R&B crooner Mr. Jackson shares a new song and video, “The 7th Deadly Move.”

This week’s Madison calendar: Nnamdi Ogbonnaya lets genres bleed together at the High Noon. Album-release shows from Johannes Wallmann and Devin Drobka. Diane Kurys’ coming-of-age story Peppermint Soda screens at UW CinemathequeAnd more.

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