100 Gecs feed on the hyper-referential chaos of the internet

Friday, February 28, Union South Sett, 9 p.m., free but ticketed.

Friday, February 28, Union South Sett, 9 p.m., free but ticketed. Info

100 Gecs is an electronic music duo created by DJs and producers Dylan Brady and Laura Les. Besides that, nothing about 100 Gecs makes any sense. Drawing influences from trap, EDM, ska, death metal, and all corners of the musical universe, the project’s sound is massive and all-encompassing, like trying to fit all music on the internet into your pocket. Their 2019 full length, 1000 Gecs, is a whirlwind of catchy hooks spliced with screeching samples and lyrics about your cell phone. 100 Gecs’ musical language is a product of being chronically online, but rather than making a profound statement about the internet, they simply make fun music. In this day and age, it’s hard not to let the device in your pocket seep its way into your creative process and consumption, and Brady and Les excel at blending, remixing, chopping, and warping sounds into novel configurations.

Fans, or general observers, of 100 Gecs will probably remember where they were when they first heard the gec. I admittedly was late to the craze, but Twitter had been screaming “gec gec gec” at me and I decided to plug into their reality with their music video for “Money Machine.” It features the duo going absolutely wild, amid a barrage of video effects that can be found on Windows Movie Maker and dance moves fit for cringe-posting message boards. 


100 Gecs have a knack for taking everything you’re supposed to understand about music and the infrastructure of the music industry and turning it on its head. Through their bizarre online behavior and liberal sharing of their song stems for free, they’ve worked to feed the instant access and iterative mayhem that nurtured them. The duo are in the midst of compiling a remix album for 1000 Gecs, which I’m guessing will sound 100(gecs)% like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

An ode to the best and worst of Madison summers.

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